Package cl.obcom.desktopfx.dde

package cl.obcom.desktopfx.dde
Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) Library.

The DDE protocol defines a three-level hierarchy of application, topic, and item.

Each DDE conversation is uniquely defined by an application name and a topic. At the beginning of a DDE conversation, the client and server define the application name and topic. The application name is usually the name of the server application.

A DDE topic is a general classification of data within which multiple items may be "discussed" (exchanged) during the conversation. For applications that operate on file-based documents, the topic is usually a filename. For other applications, the topic is an application-specific name.

A DDE item is information related to the conversation topic exchanged between the applications. Values for the item can be passed from the server to the client, or from the client to the server. Data can be passed with any of the standard clipboard formats, or with a registered clipboard format.

  • Class
    Event dispatched when a DDE event occurs.
    Signals that a DDE exception of some sort has occurred.
    Listener interface for receiving DDE events.
    Implements the application level defined by the DDE protocol.
    Implements the topic level defined by the DDE protocol.